Rib's Taxidermy

About the Artist

Greg Rib is a second generation taxidermist with over 45 years of experience.  The craft was passed down to him from his father Fred Rib who established the business in 1950.  Greg has mounted more than 10,000 whitetail deer.  

Official Scoring

If your whitetail is in contention for meeting the requirements to be entered into New Jerseys Outstanding deer Program Rib's Taxidermy offers official scoring of your trophy.  Rib's works together with local Boone and Crockett officials Lou Polillo and Gary Vail whom are trained and certified to score every big game species in North America. To meet the requirements the animal harvested must be done so by fair chase criteria.  The minimum requirement score to meet the New Jersey Outstanding Deer Program is 125" typical net and 135" non-typical net.   To achieve Boone and Crockett status a whitetail must score 170" typical net and 195" non-typical net respectively.

Minimum Boone & Crockett requirements Chart